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How Much Should You Spend on Wrapping Paper?

How Much Should You Spend on Wrapping Paper? A top view of a wedding gift wrapping paper collection featuring customized cherry blossom bridal gift wrap by on a wood table with a pink silk ribbon laying on top.

A collection of presents that have been thoughtfully wrapped all together has a certain enchantment that truly evokes the festive season. Nevertheless, suppose you're shopping for a large family or purchasing the incorrect wrapping paper. In that case, you can spend much more money than you intended on something that will almost certainly be thrown away as soon as the gifts are given. In actuality, Americans spend almost $2.6 billion on wrapping paper annually. What kinds of items should you buy, and how much money should you truly spend? Here are some inventive substitutes and the ins and outs of wrapping paper.

Superior Quality to Quantity

A holiday scene featuring a festive christmas tree and decorations, with two christmas gifts wrapped in custom gift paper by in red color and green ribbons. The gift wrap design is customized with a photo face cutout with a collection of fun holiday hat illustrations.

Your budget will specify how much money you have to spend on paper. According to the blogger at Living Well, Spending Less, one strategy is to spend more money on higher-quality paper because you're less likely to waste it by tearing and ripping. Premium wrapping paper typically has a glossier finish and is thicker, but it may also cost a little more. However, you may buy high-quality paper online from vendors like, which offers high quality 80 GSM matte recyclable paper for gift wrapping.

This paper is designed to cut easily and tear less than traditional gift wrap, making it easier to use and resulting in less waste. It is available in four different sizes, including 6 sq ft, 12 sq ft, 18 sq ft, and 24 sq ft, allowing customers to purchase only the amount they need and reducing unnecessary waste. By offering this eco-friendly gift wrap option, is helping to promote sustainability while still providing a high-quality product.

Measure Accurately

Using more than necessary is one way that individuals frequently squander wrapping paper. Best Gifter offers excellent advice on measuring your wrapping paper and cutting only what you require. Our straightforward approach is as follows:

The paper's width should be the same as the box's width plus twice the height.

"For instance, the paper should be as wide as 12 + 3 + 3, or 18 inches, for a box that is 12 inches wide and 3 inches high."

The height of the paper should be sufficient to wrap around the box, plus an additional one to three inches for overlap.

"For instance, the paper should be 3+4+3+4+2 — or 16 inches tall — if the box is three inches high and four inches deep.

To calculate this, simply roll your box along the page.

Purchase at a Discount

Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on wrapping paper, so to maximize your spending power and obtain the greatest prices, recommends using coupon codes and shopping the discount sections, buying only the amount you need. Instead of purchasing more expensive individual rolls of wrapping paper, shops like Amazon and Target.

Instead, if you want to prepare for the upcoming year, wrapping paper generally becomes significantly cheaper after the holidays.

Alternatives to the Standard Gift Wrap

If you're inventive, there are many alternatives to typical wrapping paper that may also be more environmentally beneficial, especially if they employ recycled or repurposed materials.

Brown Paper

You may create a charming, vintage look by turning inside out and cutting the grocery bags you bring home from the store. Add some berries, colorful yarn, or ribbon, or draw on them yourself or with your children to dress them up. You can learn how to do this by watching lessons on YouTube, such as this one from Chic Ethique.


Newspaper can also have a unique style that can be used to create eye-catching wrapping paper, particularly if you utilize the vibrant comics or "funnies" section. However, if you don't subscribe to a newspaper, you can frequently find free copies at neighborhood newsstands and recycling bins.


Fabric can be transformed into wrapping paper in a variety of ways. Whether you sew or quilt, you might have useful fabric scraps that are unaccounted for. Use Velcro, ribbon, string, etc. Another eco-friendly and attractive wrapping option is to utilize an old scarf or a blouse that no longer fits.

Recycle Chip Packaging

According to Buzzfeed, you can create a silvery foil that transforms any gift into something sparkling and lovely by turning mylar potato chip bags inside out and wiping them down. Also, you are recycling something that would otherwise be thrown away. Your package will look expensive if you add some ribbon or nice stickers.


The Bottom Line

Regardless of where you choose to shop for your gift wrap, it's important to consider the quality of the product you are purchasing. Opting for high-quality gift wrap not only looks better, but it also reduces the amount of paper waste created during the wrapping process. Additionally, you should only purchase the amount of gift wrap you need, in order to minimize unnecessary waste. By making these small choices, we can continue to gift beautiful and thoughtful presents while also lessening our impact on the environment.

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